NordFuel Oy is preparing to build a modern biorefinery in Haapavesi that will produce biofuels for transport sector. According to RED II regulations produced biofuels enables remarkable CO2 reduction and it will cover the annual biofuel need for approximately 450 000 passenger vehicles.

Side products such as lignin will be used for the energy production of the facility. All energy produced in Haapavesi for the biorefinery will be 100% renewable. Haapavesi is excellent location for the biorefinery as it is right next to the raw material and it has good logistic connections.

Project owners are numerous private, and municipality owned energy companies who operates all around the Finland.

”Environmental permit is great and long expected decision. Regional State Administrative Agency’s decision to grant a permit shows that it is possible to produce sustainably biofuels with state-of-the-art technologies without negative impact to the environment. NordFuel biorefinery enables more than 300 000 t reduction of CO2 emissions annually which would support significantly Finland’s transport sector CO2 reduction targets by 2030”, says project director Timo Strengell.

”Positive investment subsidy in June and the recent environmental permit to biorefinery gives good bases to proceed to the facility design phase of the project. The project also strengthens the bioeconomy ecosystem in North Ostrobothnia and thereby creates opportunities to new domestic innovations and businesses”, says Andreas Rasmus, CEO.

Additional information:

  • Timo Strengell, Project Director, NordFuel Oy, +358 40 738 48 60
  • Andreas Rasmus, CEO, NordFuel Oy, +358 44 781 53 96

NordFuel Oy is Kanteleen Voima Oy’s 100% owned subsidiary. NordFuel biorefinery will produce 65,000 tons of 2G bioethanol and 250 GWh 2G biogas annually, making the refinery the largest biogas production unit in the Nordic countries. NordFuel Oy will be locally a significant employer.