Mitigating climate change requires emissions reductions across all significant sectors. The transport sector’s share of emissions is substantial. Second-generation biofuels produced from sustainable raw materials are the most important means to reduce emissions from the current vehicle fleet.

At NordFuel, we are participating in climate efforts by preparing to construct a modern bioproduct factory in Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia. Once completed, the bioproduct factory will produce bioethanol and biogas from domestic raw materials, replacing fossil fuel imports. In addition, the factory will produce lignin, which has significant further processing possibilities. Lignin is a bio-based material that can replace fossil-based products and chemicals.

In line with the principles of the circular economy, we utilize all side streams generated in the bioproduct factory processes, such as carbon dioxide, furfural, and acetic acid.

250 employees

Bioethanol for 400,000 cars (10 % blend)

Two truckloads of raw material every hour; sawdust, woodchips


Lignin for several different high-value applications

€400-500 million investment

Biogas for 15 million heavy traffic kilometers

NordFuel is preparing a modern bioproduct factory in Haapavesi.

The bioproduct factory will produce bioethanol, biogas and lignin from sustainable raw materials.