NordFuel Oy is planning to build a biorefinery that would produce ethanol fuel from wood next to the Kanteleen Voima’s thermal power plant in Haapavesi. The refinery would produce lignin and biogas as well as sludge, which could be used as fertiliser, as by-products. At the same time, the existing power plant would be developed into a modern CHP plant.

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350 employees locally

A full truckload of traffic 2G fuel every fifth hour

Two truckloads of wood every hour; woodchips, sawdust and harvest residues

Bioethanol for 400,000 cars (10 % blend) and biogas for 30,000 cars

€300 million investment

The power plant can produce flexible and non-weather related power 200-300 GWh/year

Bioproducts from wood

Forests are Finland’s most important natural resource, and every year they grow more than they are used. There are about 26.2 million hectares of forestry land in Finland, covering 86 per cent of the country’s land area.

NewLiEP – a possibility to trial the technology

NordFuel is participating in the EU-funded NewLiEP (Injecting New Life into Cellulosic Ethanol Production) research project, which started in August 2019, together with Danish and Swedish technology companies. The aim of this two-year project is to verify an economically feasible process to produce ethanol from softwood. The project is introducing a novel fermentation process, that provides superior productivity with lower operational and capital expenses.

Read more on the project webpage.