NordFuel Oy is looking for a partner for the commercial use of lignin, which is produced as a by-product of the biorefinery it is preparing. In the mapping of the partner company, NordFuel is collaborating with Brightplus Oy.

NordFuel is preparing to build a modern biorefinery in Haapavesi, Northern Finland. The biorefinery will produce bioethanol and biogas from sawdust and forest residues. The process based on enzymatic hydrolysis produces lignin as a by-product, about 230,000 tons per year.

The company is now looking for a buyer for the lignin produced in the process. In addition to the procurement contract, the partner has the opportunity to participate in lignin product development and to participate in process design insofar as it affects the properties of the lignin produced.

At the moment, process design and technology provider selection is underway in the biorefinery project. The biorefinery’s environmental permit gained legal force at the beginning of 2023, and preparatory work in the power plant area has been started by dismantling parts of the former peat power plant located in the area. The biorefinery’s production is set to start in 2026.

Please see the attached document for a more detailed proposal for cooperation.

Additional information:

Johnny Pehkonen
Business Development Director
Brightplus Oy
+358 50 597 5944

Johanna Laukkanen
Development Engineer
NordFuel Oy
+358 50 553 3760