The Supreme Administrative Court issued on Monday 27th February its decision to the complaint raised against the biorefinery’s environmental permit application. The decision enables the start of operations in accordance with the environmental permit.

“We are satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court. A legally valid environmental permit provides the conditions to continue preparing the project for the investment decision,” says Matti Asikainen, CEO of NordFuel Oy.

According to the KHO’s decision, NordFuel must submit a report on the possible harm caused by the operation to the recreational use of the water to the regional administrative agency after three years of operation of the biorefinery.

“A lot of attention has been paid to the water treatment of the biorefinery, and of course we do everything we can to ensure that the effects on the environment are as small as possible. The authority will then assess in due time whether there is a need to compensate for the harm caused to the recreational use of the waters for the property related to the complaint,” Asikainen specifies.

The biorefinery planned by NordFuel in Haapavesi will produce 65,000 tons of ethanol and 150 GWh of biogas for transport use after completion. This production amount will double bioethanol production in Finland compared to the level of 2021.

More information:
Matti Asikainen
CEO, NordFuel Oy
+358 40 553 4926

NordFuel Oy is a 100% owned subsidiary of Kanteleen Voima Oy, which is preparing the construction of a modern biorefinery in Haapavesi, North Ostrobothnia. The biorefinery produces bioethanol and biogas and lignin from domestic sawdust and forestry byproducts, which replace imported fossil fuels.