NordFuel’s biorefinery will be located in the Haapavesi power plant area. The biorefinery utilizes existing buildings and industrial infrastructure, such as the electricity grid connection.

NordFuel will begin preparations for the biorefinery investment at the end of May by launching demolition of existing equipment and buildings which are not used for the biorefinery. The demolition work will make room for the biorefinery’s new energy center and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

– 90% of the buildings can be used. The new energy center will be built mainly inside the existing walls, and the current raw material handling and supply system will be utilized for the needs of the biorefinery. The cost savings are pretty significant, and the area’s landmark, the high chimney, will remain in place, says Matti Asikainen, CEO of NordFuel.

The peat boiler and a turbine plant will be dismantled from the power plant. The demolition contractor is Lotus Demolition Oy, which has experience in similar industrial demolition work. In accordance with waste legislation, as much of the demolition waste as possible is recycled for recovery. As a result, over 99% of the material from the site will be recycled.

– At Lotus, we always emphasize environmental responsibility in demolition projects. We take care of sorting the materials during demolition and deliver the materials properly for reuse. During the project, we measure the carbon footprint of the demolition in real-time. Then, we share the collected information with the customer who can use it, for example, in their environmental reporting, says Kimmo Palomäki, CEO of Lotus Demolition Oy.

When the work that is now starting is completed, the area in Eskolanniemi, Haapavesi, will be ready for biorefinery construction. The area has a valid chemical industry town plan.

When completed, the biorefinery will produce 65,000 tonnes of advanced bioethanol, and 150 GWh of biogas for traffic use each year. In addition to advanced biofuels, the biorefinery produces 60,000 tonnes of pure liquefied carbon dioxide and 70,000 tonnes of lignin. The biorefinery’s products replace fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions mainly from transport by about 225,000 tonnes each year.

For additional info:
Matti Asikainen, CEO +358 40 553 49 26
Petri Vesanto, Project Director +358 50 517 62 68

NordFuel Oy is a subsidiary wholly owned by Kanteleen Voima Oy, established in 2019. NordFuel is preparing to build a modern biorefinery in Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia.

Attached is an illustrative picture of the biorefinery in Haapavesi.

Picture NordFuel Oy