Kanteleen Voima and Puhuri are preparing for their investment phases

Kanteleen Voima Oy and its previously fully owned subsidiary Puhuri Oy are both in the process of entering an investment phase. Kanteleen Voima for the NordFuel -project and Puhuri for several wind power projects.

In order to improve the efficiency of the corporate structure Puhuri Oy’s ownership has been transferred from Kanteleen Voima directly to the ownership of the parent company shareholders, and therefore the consolidated corporation will be dissolved during fall 2019.

Antti Vilkuna, who has been CEO of Kanteleen Voima since 2006, continues as CEO of Puhuri Oy. Andreas Rasmus, Production Director of the Katternö Group, will start as CEO of Kanteleen Voima on December 1, 2019. Vilkuna will start as Vice Chairman of the company’s Board.

“The NordFuel -project has developed well and we are next moving to project planning phase. At the same time Puhuri’s projects are becoming eligible for investment. Clarifying the corporate structure and organisation is good to be done at this point”, states Kanteleen Voima’s outgoing CEO Antti Vilkuna.

“The NordFuel -project is proceeding according to plan. Planning work of the plant is progressing, and test runs are done with our technology partner’s facility in Sweden. Now we are waiting the decision of environmental permit from Regional State Administrative Agency as well as the decision of investment support from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland”, tells Project Director Timo Strengell.

Puhuri Oy is also increasing its resources. Harri Ruopsa has been nominated as the company’s Project Development Manager, previously working as Production Manager at Porkka Oy. Jaakko Tyvi has been nominated as a Construction Manager, previously working as a Construction Consultant at Ramboll. Puhuri is currently building Parha’s wind power project in Pyhäjoki. Several other projects are entering to investment phase also.

“The revolution in the energy sector is clearly visible in these acts. Tackling climate change requires actions from the 28 energy companies that owns the Kanteleen Voima and Puhuri. With this additional resourcing we can better guide Puhuri’s increasing wind power investments and bring Kanteleen Voima’s NordFuel -project into the investment phase. We thank Antti Vilkuna for his contribution as the CEO of Kanteleen Voima. Especially the NordFuel -project has progressed excellently under the leadership of Antti, and his expertise will continue to benefit the company in his work as a Board member. Andreas Rasmus has been on the board of Kanteleen Voima for a long time, he knows the company well and takes the NordFuel -project forward”, says Roger Holm.

“I have been following Kanteleen Voima’s development long time through board work and I am looking forward to receive this new task”, tells Andreas Rasmus.

Additional information:

  • Roger Holm, Chairman of the Board, Kanteleen Voima Oy / Puhuri Oy, tel. +358 40 585 2495
  • Antti Vilkuna, CEO, Puhuri Oy, tel. +358 44 022 0919
  • Andreas Rasmus, CEO, Kanteleen Voima Oy, tel. +358 44 781 5396

Kanteleen Voima Oy is a Finnish electricity producer established in 2006. It is owned by 28 private and municipal small and medium size energy companies. Kanteleen Voima’s power plant in Haapavesi, works currently as operating reserve plant.

The NordFuel refinery would employ a significant number of people locally, generate electricity flexibly and produce 65.000 tonnes of ethanol for transport every year. The refinery would also have the capacity to produce 250 GWh of biogas each year, which would make it the biggest producer of biogas in the Nordic countries.

Puhuri Oy is a Finnish company that develops and invests in wind power projects, builds wind parks and produces electricity for its owners. The total power output of the wind parks managed by Puhuri is 60 MW. Puhuri has wind power development projects in Haapavesi, Kannus, Pyhäjoki, Pyhäjärvi, Raahe, Salla and Sievi. Puhuri’s sister company Vetelin Tuulivoima Oy develops wind power projects in Veteli. Puhuri is owned by 28 Finnish energy companies.

Biorefinery’s and power plant’s environmental permit applications are announced

Kanteleen Voima Oy is applying for an environmental permit for biorefinery which will produce 2G bioethanol and side products biogas, lignin and crude turpentine. The environmental permit application has been announced on 28 February 2019 and the documents of permit application are available from 4 March to 3 April 2019 at the Haapavesi city office. The announcement and the main content of the application or documents are also available in address www.avi.fi/lupa-tietopalvelu.

The energy required for the biorefinery will be provided by a power plant located on the same site, and a separate environmental permit application regarding power plant’s changing operations will be announced simultaneously.

Bioproducts from sustainably managed forests

The biorefinery consists of a bioethanol plant, a biogas plant, a storage facility for liquid fuels and chemicals, a raw material terminal, a possible sludge combustion boiler and a gas boiler, and treatment of process waste water. The biorefinery would produce annually 65 000 tons of bioethanol (calculated as 100 % ethanol) for transport, 250 GWh of biogas and 230 000 tons of lignin. The planned operating time of the biorefinery is approximately 8000 hours per year. As a raw material the biorefinery would use wood-based raw materials, such as sawmill by-products and forestry residues in total 700 000 m3 annually.

The condensing power plant is transformed into an industrial CHP-plant

If biorefinery is built, the power plant will be transformed from a condensing power plant into a power plant connected to the biorefinery, which will generate electricity and supply process steam to the biorefinery. In addition to existing fuels, the power plant uses by-products of the biorefinery: lignin, biogas and crude turpentine. The odour gases generated by the processes are also burned for energy in the boiler of the power plant for energy.

Additional information:

  • Teija Mäyrä, Head of Technology, tel. +358 44 5549 381

The NordFuel refinery would employ a significant number of people locally, generate electricity flexibly and produce 65 000 tonnes of ethanol for transport every year. The refinery would also have the capacity to produce 250 GWh of biogas each year, which would make it the biggest producer of biogas in the Nordic countries.

Timo Strengell to start as a Project Director of NordFuel -project

Kanteleen Voima’s NordFuel -project is proceeding forward as planned. NordFuel project organization will be enforced to meet the upcoming increased resource needs. As of January 1st Timo Strengell will start as a Project Director of NordFuel -project. He has a long experience from bio-based technologies and a strong professional hands-on competence from project preparation, execution and management.

Timo has an educational background of Master of Science and he has a long working history from forest industry for example from UPM.

”NordFuel-project has been developed with existing organization remarkably far. Now we are in the project phase where we need a person to take the project forward with a full day responsibility”, Antti Vilkuna, CEO of Kanteleen Voima, mentions.

”I’m very excited to start in this interesting and meaningful project. There is a huge potential existing in this NordFuel initiative. It is a forerunner project both locally and globally. At the same time, it will help Finland to meet its targets for renewable energy”, says new Project Director Timo Strengell.

“Biorefinery producing fuel ethanol and biogas made from second generation wood based raw material will also meet the coming requirements for renewable energy in EU. With this investment we enable the increased usage of biofuels and also decrease development of the greenhouse gases”, Timo continues.

Additional information:

  • Timo Strengell, Project Director / NordFuel (as of Jan 1st , 2019), Kanteleen Voima Oy, mobile: +358 40 738 4860
  • Antti Vilkuna, CEO, Kanteleen Voima Oy, mobile: +358 44 0220 919

NordFuel-refinery will produce 65.000 tons of bio-ethanol to market and will be flexible power supplier at the same time. NordFuel will be significant employer locally. Refinery is also able to produce biogas 250 GWh/a which makes the refinery the biggest biogas producer in the Scandinavia.